Project HiFi


  • Install CAT6 ethernet cable to every resident in low income communities allowing for 1 Gigabit world-class internet connection
  • Hire and train the smartphone generation from the community to build out the neighborhood high-speed internet network and provide long term technical support services
  • Establish a scalable model that can be replicated in other communities with the goal of creating economic and entrepreneurship opportunities for the next generation of technology workers

COVID widens the Digital Divide

Students living in low-income communities have been dramatically impacted by the closing of schools and the shift to online virtual school. School administrators learned quickly that students did not have a computer at home or access to high-speed internet. The reality has hit home that families on a tight budget were not paying $50 a month for a minimal level of internet access at home and the only computing device was a cell phone.

Local school boards and government agencies are responding to the problem by providing students cellular WiFi hot spots which have limited capacity and will not scale in a neighborhood, encouraging families to sign up for high-speed internet access using a local service provider and deploying WiFi Mesh networks in impoverished communities.

In the same way, government agencies have invested taxpayer funds over the last century into roads, clean water, sewer, utilities, and public education it is time to add high-speed internet as a basic necessity for all in an ever-increasing technology-driven economy.

Billions will be spent on the digital divide problem going to established companies like Comcast, ATT, Cox, Frontier, and Verizon that are in the business of delivering high-speed internet and services to the home. The problem is so large and time is so critical that we are advocating for one home, one city block, one neighborhood at a time approach that can be used to create community-driven initiatives where time, money, resources are invested in local residents for work-force training to install and deliver world-class high-speed internet

Pilot Project

With financial support from the Pulte Family Foundation and Palm Beach County Children Services Council we have challenged a group of high school seniors and recent graduates to install high-speed internet at 90 residents at Dixie Manor a Public Housing project in Boca Raton, Fl and a five-block neighborhood serviced by Village Academy in Delray Beach, Fl the only K-12 public school in Palm Beach County.

Helping the technology leaders of tomorrow learn to succeed today

TechGarage has been a strong advocate of challenging young minds with problems worth solving and embracing fail early and fail often. With the new normal still being defined, we need to create every opportunity we can for the leaders of tomorrow to become the solution to the problems.

With your help and support, we can make an impact one student, one home, one family, one neighborhood at a time.

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Self Empowerment

The next generation is acutely aware of the challenges they face and with access to resources and support they can begin to solve the problems that await them

New Normal

COVID has forced us to redefine the new normal and nothing is preventing us from making it better for all

Smartphone Generation

Regardless of household income when you hand a smartphone to a 5-year-old the interaction with the world begins and a passion for technology takes hold