Need some CAT6 white underground cable

August 7, 2020 Making sure you have everything on the job site is key to not having team members standing around. Amazon has made it easy to order just about anything in a couple of days but at the expense that local suppliers can’t compete and hard to find local products. I set out Friday morning to buy CAT6 white underground ethernet cable. First stop was GrayBar, a local electrical supply house and they had limited choices. The sales rep said I could go to Ft Lauderdale warehouse and they would have everything. A 20-minute drive and found out they are not open for walkins. Started reviewing options via google maps. As I drove away noticed some signage for ethernet cables in a window on the corner of the GrayBar building. Walked in and found a showroom and had to shout down the hallway to see if anyone was home.

Explained the project and was hoping they would have one box of white CAT6 underground cable. I asked the salesman if he thought they had a box and he said if he had one he would have 1000 boxes.

Didn’t understand the statement and after a few questions learned that Structured Cable Products started in Ft Lauderdale and is the leading global supplier of low voltage cable. They manufacture the products that are OEM labeled by many and have 250 million feet of bulk cable in stock. I picked up 12 boxes at a very nice discount and look forward to partnering with them on what we need to do the neighborhood build out.

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