WiFi Time

July 20, 2020 With Ethernet cables pulled time to turn on some WiFi for thr public areas. Using Ubquiti networking gear which makes affordable enterprise hardware. With MESH networking and power over ethernet easy to deploy a world class network.

Getting Under Sidewalks

July 15, 2020 Everyone had a new appreciation for tree roots but then it came time to go under sidewalks. Water hose and PVC pipe allows you tunnel but still lots of digging and hard work to get the pipe in the correct spot.

First Day at Dixie Manor

July 12, 2020 – With the goal of running an ethernet cable to each of the 90 apartments in Dixie Manor the first project was to run conduit from the community center north and south to the closest residential buildings.

Made good progress the first day with lots of hard work, sweat, and an entirely new appreciation why tree roots make this harder than it looks.

The end of a long day