Author: HiFi

Cleanup Time

September 17, 2020 – The last 10 percent of anything worth doing always takes the longest. We are nearing completion and have clean up work in the closets and need to connect some of the longer runs into loops for path redundancy. We will be transitioning to Boca Island East to do an install in […]

Ubiquiti Management

September 1, 2020– The management tools from Ubiquiti are excellent and give a great visibility of each device on the network which allows remote monitoring and management. In the event of an outage or problem by reviewing the map can quickly troubleshoot the problem allowing for quick repairs by reviewing data. Dexter Dixon has done […]

Go Gators

August 12, 2020 – Super proud of James finishing up some closet work before he heads off to the University of Florida as an incoming freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Over the last 3+ years have seen how hard he has worked taking dual enrollment classes at Palm Beach State and heads down focused all […]

The team is ready

August 5, 2020 – After three weeks of on the job training, getting conduit run between buildings, working with ethernet cables the team is ready to start working through getting drops installed. We established the goal of paying a minimum of $15 an hour for training and tasks that need to get done. We want […]